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Good but incomplete

The app is well designed and works well to work tickets on the go. I wish it included all the other features from SD+ such as dashboards, assets, projects, changes and solutions. Please work on these to make this app complete and more useful.

Universal please

This app needs iPad support.

Doesnt work here

Ssl on it is not working on my end. Meaningless error messages.


App upgrade last night automatically and the app will not open. Just flashes dots and closes.

Great app! I use it all the time for work!!

This app works great!

Not bad...

Got some issues, though.


Please make qr code inventory for cmdb base

There is no Russian language

Please, add the Russian language

Almost great

I like the push notifications and the ability to have access to all of my tickets from my phone. However, the lists of tickets would be much more helpful if we could sort them by other fields such as priority or due date. Also, the color codes for priorities along with other misc icons (approval, overdue, etc) would be nice to see from the list as well. Some of the features of the main system need to be included as well, such as the closure codes and FCR check boxes when we close a ticket.

pretty bad

This apps interface is as convoluted and overblown as their web product. Unstable, unintuitive, and sparse. It could be as good (and straightforward) as any mail app for iOS; a mere browser for service tickets, but the developer has decided to spread a simple solution to an issue among several pages. a mobile user needs fewer items, not more. we need to respond, address, and close the ticket. Both Apple and Google write their apps to minimize complexity. This developer is incapable of elegant design.

Since 4.1 Update

Please look back at update 4.0.1. This update fixed the same problem that Im now having on my iPhone and iPad since the 4.1 update. Same error message.


"error" everytime I try to open a ticket. Please fix it.


Dont update, I cant view any tickets. All I get Is an error message.


I cant log in after the update. Dont have an option to select domain authentication.


I can authenticate just fine but when trying to view work log app crashes and closes.

Unable to log in

My app updated to the Jun 16, 2016 build and now I cant log into my ticket server.

Would be useful tool

Despite many attempts I cant log in through this app. No problems using a browser. Please provide more and better documentation!

Decent First Release

And it does work but you need to go into the Admin section of your Service Desk Plus and click on a Technician and generate an API Key for them at the bottom of their profile. This key must be in their iOS Device Clipboard when authenticating the first time. Also make sure to set up the External URL field in the Service Desk. Hopefully the developer team will work on the API Key provisioning to make it easier, it may just be an unnecessary added security layer but at minimum it should allow you to select the Technicians you want to give mobile access for this app and email each one of them an API Key. What I would like to see in a future release: 1. Ability to edit more fields like Group / Category / Subcategory / Item. 2. Ability to view conversation history for emails sent to and from the Service Desk in respect to each request. 3. Ability to use custom public filters that are visible in the desktop web app. Also a bug I discovered is that quotes need to be escaped in the ticket body when editing a request to has quotes in it. This seems to cause malformed jSON which failed to update a ticket. I was successful updating the ticket when I manually removed quotes and saved. All in all its a step in the right direction. Keep it up guys and we will be watching for the next build.

No documentation and support is useless!

Even after repeated attempts with support, they still cant get their own app to work.

Not Working !!!

Does anyone test this stuff at ManageEngine !!

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